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"Look - it's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's EcoGirl!"

Ask EcoGirl

A syndicated eco-advice column
Written by Patricia Dines

"Encouraging the eco-hero in everyone!"

"Making it easy to be green!"

Bringing together key information that nurtures
our health, wallets, families
-- and planet!

Our choices can make a difference!

Want to know how? Ask EcoGirl!

She can answer your questions on everything
from less-toxic cleaning to solar energy to waste reduction.

Leaping cynicism and despair
in a single


Knowledge is her superpower!

She loves to do the research for you.

Encouraging the eco-hero in everybody!

"Your Ask EcoGirl columns are fun and informative, and I really LOVE the resources you list at the bottom.
Having this makes 'doing' feel like it can be a reality not just a nice idea."

Jill Engvaldsen, A Regular Reader

Ask EcoGirl is a syndicated eco-advice column - with a superhero spin!

With compassion and intelligence, EcoGirl makes it easy for readers to bring greener practices into their everyday lives.

In response to reader questions, this eco-geek superhero unravels and illuminates topics with clear, accurate, and engaging summaries that gently reveal the vital issues at stake. She then offers practical and tangible steps that readers can take right away, thus empowering everyone to make a positive difference in their own lives and the community, through actions both big and small.

Because she knows that we are all part of the solution!

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EcoGirl is now offering a series of "insanely useful" booklets that answer common reader questions with the key information you need to move right into action. You don't have to start from scratch and figure it out yourself. They also make a great gift! The first two booklets are "Healthier Housecleaning" and "Detoxing Your Life." To learn more, see www.askecogirl.info/booklets.html.

To contact EcoGirl, send an email to ecogirl [at] askecogirl.info. Please indicate how you heard about her (which periodical, email list, website link, etc.). It helps support her work. Thank you!

Ask EcoGirl is written by Patricia Dines, Author of The Organic Guides, and Editor and Lead Writer for The Next STEP newsletter, which gently educates readers about toxics and alternatives. For more information about her work for the planet, see www.patriciadines.info.

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